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White barefoot style sneakers special for indoor sports with a minimalist and lightweight design. Its flexible sole allows a greater feeling of control and a more sensory experience. Joan Pradells' training shoe.

Color: White
Size guide

Main advantages of use for a gym:
- Stimulates and strengthens the muscles of the feet and legs by not having excessive support, encouraging more active work during exercise.
- Provides a direct connection with the surface, promoting greater body awareness and improving balance and coordination.
- Allows a more natural range of motion, beneficial for exercises such as squats and weightlifting by facilitating flexions and extensions of the feet.
- Thin soles absorb impacts more naturally, reducing stress on joints and muscles during high-impact activities such as running or jumping.

Technical specifications:
Closure: Laces
Function: Breathable
Toe: Round
Outsole: Flexible

Consult the size guide.

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