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The essential helmets for training in the gym

Los cascos imprescindibles para entrenar en el gimnasio

Training with music vs training without music: it is not the same and you know it. It has been proven that the music played in gyms does not motivate anyone. Maybe to motivate yourself today you feel like reggaeton, tomorrow hardstyle and the next day pop.

Probably the helmets you use (if you use them) are not the best option:

  • The ones with cables are terrifying for chaining repetitions, plus, where do you put your cell phone while you're lying down? Plus, they break just by looking at them.

  • The wireless headphones? Discarded, either you spend a lot of money to make them especially good or they fall out of your ear, or they go out of sync on their own... in short, torture. And well, without going into talking about the battery, you will melt it in a couple of series.

After several years training with some of the world's top bodybuilders, powerlifters, etc., we managed to develop helmets that met what all athletes asked of us.

  • Durability (if they are dropped they will not break upon first impact).

  • Battery (you charge them once and forget about them until next week at least).

  • Without cables (words are unnecessary).

  • Surround sound (extra motivation to reach failure).

There are studies that claim that training with music that motivates you reduces the perception of perceived effort during training. Try them, if you don't like them we'll refund your money.

Take advantage of the sales to buy them today for €30 and receive them tomorrow.

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