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A powerlifting and stability shoe for elite athletes, the Ultra V1 offers a reinforced midsole and wide sole. Its robust platform, with a wide heel, guarantees stability when lifting weights, and its rubber sole provides durable traction for your sport.

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Main advantages of use for a gym:
- The reinforced midsole and wide sole create a solid foundation for heavy lifts, optimizing the transfer of power from the ground to the bar in exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench press.
- Adjustable straps ensure a custom, firm fit, keeping your foot stable during intense workouts to prevent unwanted movement and reduce the risk of injury.
- Sturdy platform with wide heel offers a solid, stable base to support body weight, maintaining proper posture and balanced weight distribution during heavy lifts, improving performance and preventing injuries.
- The rubber sole provides solid traction on various surfaces, essential for maintaining stability during weight lifting movements such as the squat, preventing slips and sliding.

Technical specifications:
Closure: Velcro
Function: Breathable
Toe: Round
Outsole: Rubber with wide heel

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